Vegetarians VS. Murderers?


This entry is directed to this entry.  Basically, I felt saddened by the fact that despite humans trying to preserve/respect other life on this tiny planet, we lack the same sort of empathy towards other human beings.  It makes me wonder whether or not we have our priorities in the right order.  A person’s meat-consisting diet should not deduce that that person is cruel and heartless.  Words are hurtful.  I wish everyone would just stop and realize that for a second.  We’re all only human.  No one’s inferior nor superior.  We come as we are, and flaws are included in the package.
– Riri.

Yes, I eat meat.  And I appreciate the fact that I do.
Also: this will probably be my wordiest entry ever.


3 Responses

  1. Humans are omnivores.
    The end =)


    If only it wasn’t human nature to distinguish ourselves from others. At least we’re happy with what we are in terms of diet.

  3. People with an agenda sometimes bypass humanity. SOME hold animals to a higher degree than humans.

    But eating meat or not, shouldn’t lessen the fact that humans are humans, and not some degree of a debase state that some suggests.

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